Ефим Шабшай отзывы
Оля Р.
Ефим Шабшай отзывы
Faina A. (En)
Ефим Шабшай отзывы

The trip to Safed was special for me. At least because after this trip I realized how cool the trips could and should be! Before this trip, even the visits to the most beautiful and interesting countries were basically nothing more than sightseeing.  No, that it is not bad, but the Adventure in the form of Upgrade- type discovered for me completely new sides in this process. I suddenly discovered that even an ordinary excursion program can reveal a whole range of feelings, sensations and understandings. This is an amazing feeling of real immersion into another time, synchronization with the space and Game!)

This is the place where I got the answers to my most intimate questions! During this trip, my inner emotions were combined with the unique, childish spirit of Adventure 🙂

Trips to places of power are a separate matter. I never could imagine that such things can happen. The energy and atmosphere of the place is literally felt on the physical level. It is difficult to describe in words, you just need to visit it!

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