Ефим Шабшай отзывы
Mariia M. (En)
Ефим Шабшай отзывы
אלכסנדר ק. (Hb)
Ефим Шабшай отзывы

In May 2017, I took part in the training course «Upgrade of personal effectiveness quotients” in the Shabshai Upgrade System. It is amazing that I discovered myself from new sides, which I have never been onto before. It is valuable that the coach and trainers provide not only knowledge in the field of development of IQ, but also of emotions and body, which I have not come across before. This is a real complex approach to the possible personal development. And above all, knowledge is gained straight off at the training, and the results are notable at once. As soon as the training is over, the application of new knowledge and skills makes it possible to approach to your life more effectively in all spheres. It is practical 🙂

Knowledge, presentation and recommended skills are simple enough and at the same time genius, because they are very effective. I thank all the coaches for the light and joyful atmosphere and for the opportunity to change and improve the standard of living. I recommend it to everyone!

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