Shabshai Upgrade System

Shabshai Upgrade Systemoffers you a complex system of developing methods and practices, used for raising human personal effectiveness quotients in regard to IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional intelligence quotient), VQ (vital intelligence quotient).

Yefym Shabshai

Its author, Yefym Shabshai, is a businessman, a life-couch, a consultant of top managers and business owners in CIS, Europe, USA, Israel, founder of a unique theatre “Walking in genius’s shoes – World view upgrade”; an author of books on genius and charisma development, a founder and author of methods for international franchising chains in the field of services of emotional intelligence development and bringing up a genius harmonious child.

Shabshai Upgrade System

The system also contains theoretical material including an authorial description of these quotients levels in social and business spheres; a description of 10 thinking types (critical, creative, version, strategic, analytical, panoramic, visual, logical, abstract, existential) and authorial theory of these thinking types correspondence to ennea types.

Shabshai Upgrade System defines that each of the quotients: IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional intelligence quotient), VQ (vital intelligence quotient) has 3 effectiveness levels:

  • 1 level – low
  • 2 level – medium
  • 3 level – high

Shabshai Upgrade System defines
the following characteristics of effectiveness levels

VQ - Vital intelligence quotients characteristics
VQ In the business sphere
EQ - Emotional intelligence quotients characteristics
EQ In the business sphere
IQ - Intelligence quotients characteristics
IQ in the business sphere

Shabshai Upgrade System studies thinking types (ennea types) in detail.

Each ennea type corresponds to the following type of individual thinking according to Shabshai Upgrade system:

  1. ennea type – critical thinking
  2. ennea type – version thinking
  3. ennea type – visual thinking
  4. ennea type – creative thinking
  5. ennea type – analytical thinking
  6. ennea type – logical thinking
  7. ennea type – panoramic thinking
  8. ennea type – strategic thinking
  9. ennea type – abstract thinking
  10. ennea type – existential thinking

Further details of thinking types can be found in books of Yefym Shabshai and Halyna Shabshai.

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