Upgrade of personal effectiveness coefficients.
10-day training

July 28, 2017 – August 6, 2017 – Kyiv
November 10-19, 2017 – Kyiv
The training Upgrade is a 10-day intensive of the increasing personal effectiveness coefficients in such areas:

  • IQ (coefficient of the intelligence, potential of thinking);
  • EQ (emotional intelligence, stress resistance);
  • VQ (vital intelligence, charisma and leadership skills).
There are simple and effective methods of recovery, memory improvement, development of the new cognitive connections and increase of the stress resistance in the program.

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  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    In May 2017, I took part in the training course "Upgrade of personal effectiveness quotients” in the Shabshai Upgrade System. It is amazing that I discovered myself from new sides, which I have never been onto before. It is valuable that the coach and trainers provide not only knowledge in the field of development of IQ, but also of emotions and body, which I have not come across before. This is a real complex approach to the possible personal development. And above all, knowledge is gained straight off at the training, and the results are notable at once. As soon as the training is over, the application of new knowledge and skills makes it possible to approach to your life more effectively in all spheres. It is practical :) Knowledge, presentation and recommended skills are simple enough and at the same time genius, because they are very effective. I thank all the coaches for the light and joyful atmosphere and for the opportunity to change and improve the standard of living. I recommend it to everyone!
    Svetlana K.
  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    Each practical course Upgrade is a new standard of living! Before the training course I felt a sympathy to myself and to all family members, but didn`t realize it. It was my habitual emotional background. During the training course, I have managed to get rid of suffering and sympathy by means of massages, different meditative practices and new conception regarding the emotional intellect. I have risen to the new level of relationship with my husband and known my child better.
    Mariia M.
  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    After attending the Upgrade training course, I have known the strong and weak sides of my character. I have defined for myself, what can be improved for my own effectiveness. During the training course, I have sensated my body, sensated indeed, and the tension in its different zones. Everyone knows that the tension in the body is created due to undigested emotions or thoughts. Thanks to integrated approach in the form of massages, theatre and relaxing methods, I have felt my body much younger and more playful, what haven`t happened before. After the training course, I have opened new ideas and creativity in myself, which are being realized now.  After coming back home, while communicating with other people, I admitted that I have fewer complaints against people, I became attentive and respective to their manifestations.
    Yelena Shch.
  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    Each new Upgrade is a new coil in my life. What have I admitted? The quality of life is changing from upgrade to upgrade. Something that was earlier not possible and inadmissible for me has started to happen at once. Upgrade is revealing new opportunities for myself. During several training course days, my body has been cleared of and become full of concentrate emotions, as if I have lived another small life. A lot of inventions and perfect emotions are appearing showing how I can actually live, and how false the imagination of myself can be. As a substitute to negative ones, emotions of totally another quality are coming. The presentation of intellectual files is coming deeply in by experienced understandings. Now they are revealing after the training course in my daily life and providing the opportunity to take a new look on the habitual things. The knowledge obtained at the Upgrade training course has given the opportunity to communicate with my family members and to build a business at the other level. New ideas and findings have occurred :) Above all, the relations to all new things has changed. As a substitute to the fear the interest came, as a substitute to the laziness – the taste of life, the discipline has been improved, I have become willing to investigate. Thank you))
    Natalia L.
  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    At the Upgrade training course, I have looked on myself from the outside. We see very well the strong and weak sides in others, the same can`t be said for ourselves. Now, when I see, what hinders me in reaching my goal, I can get rid of it with the help of methods, which were selected for me individually. People working in the center know and love their business. Thanks to their care, patience and help, I have been totally reloaded. Hats off to them.
    Natalia M.
  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    Thanks for the Upgrade training course! My impression about Shabshai Upgrade System: 1) The education system gives understandable systemic worldview picture of the world, your own place in it, levers influencing on everything and laws, leaning on which you can develop quickly and improve your effectiveness. 2) It teaches how to work with emotions, ecologically rule them and advance the quality of your life. 3) It invigorates and helps to unite the knowledge and the practical usage.
    Yelena S.
  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    I am looking back and comparing myself Before and After undergoing the upgrade. It`s not even "night and day", it`s "worlds different". I feel myself renewed, full of beauty, health and calmness! My relationship with children, parents have become more sincere, warm and open. Previously, relationships were often steeped in irritation, insults and pretensions. My effectiveness at work has advanced and I have caught a new sight on the work moments and on the communication with colleagues. I became more feminine, I have just remembered how it is to be happy. And it`s a great tribute of the Shabshai Studio whole team, thank you!
    Julia D.

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