Updrade-tour in the adventure form
Quest “Along the Places of Power”

The 24th of September – the 4th of October – Safed
The 15th of January — the 8th of February 2018, the 9th of February — the 5th of March 2018 – Cambodia

The most scale quest in the world! The scenery of the quest is the Places of Power all around the planet. The task of the quest is the unveiling of the secrets and the hidden meaning of the Knowledge, which were hidden many centuries ago! There are no failed quest. The degree of complexity is the highest.

The quest stunt is that there is something that is hidden from the tourists’ eyes. Something, that is not described in the guidebooks. Something, that is not told on an excursion. These are the secrets and the hidden meaning of Knowledge, the secrecy of which keeps the quest’s place. The quest “Along the Places of Power” offers the time journeys, where you become the active participant of the quest epoch. When you immerge in time, the secret Knowledge will be opened to you.

What do you get in the process of quest's passage?

  • adventures with the unforgettable impressions
  • development of the leadership skills
  • direct experience of the team game
  • upgrade IQ, EQ, VQ
  • vivid interest to life
  • new acquaintances with interesting people
  • inspiration for something new
  • involvement in the mysteries of history
  • comprehend the hidden meaning of objective Laws and Knowledge

Photo from trainings

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  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    Cambodia Quest was an unforgettable adventure with the immersion in the history of the Khmer civilization. When studying the customs, traditions and laws of that time, I was deeply surprised by some lost knowledge. The Quest was not linear, but spontaneous. At the drop of a hat the Master of Game started the action and came up with new games, trail of roles, tasks, riddles, etc. I had different tasks of diverse complexity that depended on my skills. During the game, I started to believe in the proposed circumstances, and I began to find the tools to upgrade my status. I received a lot of feedback, when climbing the ladder from beginner to experienced player. Sometimes I found myself in an awkward situations, but step by step I learned how to get out of difficulties and started to derive great satisfaction from my rise and this is the desired and wished happiness! It's a happiness to be with the Master of Game, play by the rules, do a simple action and live life to the fullest!
    Oleksandr K.
  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    I will remember Cambodia Quest for its adventures atmosphere. I've visited a lot of places, but usually when you arrive somewhere, you do not feel immediately the atmosphere and the place itself. However, in the form of "quest" it is possible to feel this place, just because you don't come and look at the external side, you dig into the mystical side of this place. I also really liked that I had no even a second of boredom, because during all the days of the trip I had the quest with its exciting tasks and unexpected riddles. I`ve always been dreaming of feeling like the heroine of some adventure, computer game or going to see past... And suddenly it turned out to be Real! Thanks for the Cambodia Quest)
    Faina A.
  • Ефим Шабшай отзывы
    The trip to Safed was special for me. At least because after this trip I realized how cool the trips could and should be! Before this trip, even the visits to the most beautiful and interesting countries were basically nothing more than sightseeing.  No, that it is not bad, but the Adventure in the form of Upgrade- type discovered for me completely new sides in this process. I suddenly discovered that even an ordinary excursion program can reveal a whole range of feelings, sensations and understandings. This is an amazing feeling of real immersion into another time, synchronization with the space and Game!) This is the place where I got the answers to my most intimate questions! During this trip, my inner emotions were combined with the unique, childish spirit of Adventure :) Trips to places of power are a separate matter. I never could imagine that such things can happen. The energy and atmosphere of the place is literally felt on the physical level. It is difficult to describe in words, you just need to visit it!
    Olia R.

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