Club annual pass.
PREMIUM - format

On the way to the Goal

  • Request (goal, task for the year) – changes, which a client wants to bring to life
  • General diagnostics. IQ-BQ-EQ quotients level
  • Diagnostics of the current situation. Description of the current life situation and determining the causes of its occurrence.
  • Individual program. Development of the individual strategy of work on request.
  • Methods for IQ, EQ, BQ development (depending on a client’s time-management)
  • Individual work with the Coach

Upgrade-tours and Upgrade-fields

  • 4 basic Upgrade-tours a year
  • Access to VIP Upgrade–tours - once
  • Access to the passive Upgrade-fields during the training courses
  • Cognitive games: basic level

Upgrade VQ

Bonus massages

Upgrade IQ

  • Online-lections for the PREMIUM format
  • Specialized offline studies
  • Informational support (chat, music collections, music for techniques, instructional videos on yoga)
  • Opportunity to visit one-day workshops at a discount (after performances)

Upgrade EQ

Access to authorial performances


  • Free access to current directions of the studio
  • Discounts on services of the studio are from 10 to 30%

Categories of the PREMIUM pass

Services Premium Premium + antistress Premium + generic programs
Duration of the pass 12 months 12 months 12 months
Bonus massages 20 60 20
Number of Upgrade training courses/tours 4 basic (as an option 1 of them is the Upgrade tour to Israel) 4 basic (as an option 1 of them is the Upgrade tour to Israel) 3 basic +1 Upgrade tour to Israel
Access to VIP Upgrade tours once once once
Access to Upgrade- fields passive fields passive fields passive fields
Coach accompanying (4 times a month) + + +
One-day workshops (after performances) 30% discount 50% discount 50% discount
Individual coach accompanying - 50 hours a year 50 hours a year
Informational support “Premium club” + + +
Premium online/offline exercises + + +
Free access to current directions of the studio + + +

Loyalty program. Discounts on services

Services Ordinary customers of the studio PREMIUM
Body wrapping and pilling 10 % from 8 units 10 %
Body massage+ emotional health 10 % from 5 units 30 % from 5 units
Upgrade training courses/tours 0 % 30 %
One-day workshops after performances 0 % 30-50%

Subscription for the year PREMIUM

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