Club annual pass.

Intensive training for successful people

On the way to the goal

  • Request (goal, task for the year) – changes, which a client wants to bring to life
  • General diagnostics. IQ-VQ-EQ quotients level
  • Diagnostics of the current situation. Description of the current life situation and determining the causes of its occurrence
  • Individual program. Development of the individual work strategy on request
  • Methods for IQ, EQ, VQ development (depending on the client`s time-management)
  • Individual work with a Coach
  • Individual work with a Trainer
  • Provision of halls for work with trainer or individual work on client preliminary request

Individual diagnostics of Efym Mykhailovych Shabshai, the techniques author.

System diagnostics of current changes. The recommendation on current situation.

Upgrade-tours and Upgrade-fields

  • 4 Upgrade-tours a year
  • Access to VIP Upgrade-tours
  • Monthly Upgrade training program on dynamics of current client request
  • Access to Upgrade fields during training courses - to active and passive fields
  • Cognitive games: basic level, expanded level
  • Games for business-thinking development
  • Communicative games
  • Games for recovery of mutual relations in family

Upgrade VQ

Bonus massage

Upgrade IQ

  • Online-lectures for the VIP format
  • Specialized offline exercises
  • Informational support (chat, music collections, music for techniques, instructional videos on yoga)
  • One-day workshops at a discount (after performances)

Upgrade EQ

  • Parties
  • Priority booking of tickets for performances


  • Free access to current studio directions
  • Discounts on studio services are from 10 to 30%

Types of VIP format club passes

VIP VIP + antistress VIP interactive
Efficient format for preoccupied people Individual work with Ye. M. Shabshai
Individual work program with leading trainers and leading coaches of the studios Access to all Upgrade fields
Guaranty of fast changes

What VIP-format annual pass contains

Services VIP VIP + antistress VIP interactive
Pass duration 12 months 12 months 12 months
Bonus massages 20 50 unlimited (except specialized massages)
Quantity of Upgrade trainings/tours 4 any besides family winter Upgrade-tour (all the rest shall be paid additionally under the price-list, considering pass discount) - unlimited
Access for Upgrade fields active and passive fields passive fields all fields
Individual diagnostics Ye. M. Shabshai + + +
Individual work with Ye. M. Shabshai - 20 hours a year 40 hours a year
One-day master class (after performances) + + +
Access to VIP Upgrade-tours + + +
Monthly Upgrade training program + + +
Individual coach accompaniment + + +
Individual trainer accompaniment + + +
Access to cognitive games, business-thinking development games, communicative games, games for recovery of relations in family + + +
“VIP Club” informational support (private chat, musical collections, music for techniques, video-instructions for yoga) + + +
VIP exercises online/offline + + +
Free access to current studio directions + + +
Parties + + +
Priority booking of tickets for performances + + +

Loyalty system. Service discount

Service Usual studio clients, discount VIP, VIP + antistress, discount VIP interactive, Discount
Envelopment and pilling 10% starting from 8 units 10 % 100 %
Cognitive ability development - 30% starting from 3 units 100 %
Body Massage of + emotional health 10% starting from 5 units 30 % 100 %
Additional Upgrade trainings and tours 0 % 30 % 100 %

Photo from trainings

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Video feedback

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