Family upgrade-tour

June 4-25, 2017 – Cyprus
The 15th of January — the 8th of February 2018, the 9th of February — the 4th of March 2018 – Vietnam
It is a meaningful rest for all family according to the authoring system of development and upbringing of children “Shabshai Upgrade Kids”. It is a sort of camp where children and adults enjoy the picturesque nature and develop in an atmosphere of creativity and game. It is an intensive format of innovative education, where children and parents acquire useful life skills. Family upgrade-tour is guided by the author of the Shabshai Upgrade System – Shabshai Yefym Mykhailovych. A bonus for all participants is an individual diagnostics of the child, his current situation and potential talents.

What will your child receive, when visiting Family UPGRADE-ТOUR with you?

  • Form healthy habits in three spheres of life: intellectual – IQ, emotional – EQ and physical – BQ.
  • Raise the level of personal efficiency quotients - IQ, EQ, BQ.
  • Develop the quality of character, which are necessary in modern life.
  • Acquire the ability to learn quickly and practically apply skills in different areas of life.
  • Develop skills to act effectively in rapidly changing conditions.
  • Receive discipline and punctuality.
  • Acquire interest in something new and initiative.

Your family will restore the harmony. You will feel a new mother-father-child connection.

After finishing the upgrade tour, children acquire the necessary skills and abilities applicable in different spheres of life:

  • academic progress in school;
  • improvement of contact with parents;
  • friendly relations with agemates;
  • creative realization of his/her talents;
  • adaptation and preparation for successful professional activity.

WHAT DO Shabshai Upgrade Kids METHODS RESULT IN?

  • Develop all kinds of memory
  • Activate thinking and creative imagination
  • Harmonize the work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • Form healthy habits
  • Help to develop the qualities of character necessary for the successful and happy life of the child.

The program includes individual detailed diagnostics of the child.

Diagnostics include:

  • definition of the child's thinking (critical, variable, imaginative, creative, analytical, logical, systemic, strategic, abstract, existential types of thinking;
  • levels of personal efficiency quotients - IQ (intelligence quotient, thinking potential), EQ (emotional intelligence, stress resistance), BQ (vital intelligence, charisma and leadership skills)
  • reasons upon which his/her quotients have this level ;
  • the child's talents, his/her individual predisposition to choose a future profession or type of activity;
  • identification of character qualities that interfere with the development of genius and recommendations for their elimination;
  • definition of qualities on which it is possible and it is necessary to accent the child for his/her balanced development.

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