Recreational Upgrade- tour

May 23, 2017 – June 6, 2017 – Skhidnytsia, Ukraine.

It’s a complex approach to recover your health by the authoring system “Shabshai Upgrade Health”.

What will you get as a result of the tour?

  • Health recovery
  • Rejuvenation by the activation of metabolic processes
  • Immunity enhancement
  • You will get rid of harmful consequences of the stress
  • You will prevent the occurrence of psychosomatic diseases
  • You will alleviate emotional and mental tension
  • You will develop emotional immunity skills
  • You will learn the methods of deep relaxation and resource practices
  • A blood circulation and lymph flow will be improved due to a special massage
  • You will increase vitality
Where will the tour take place?

In the sanatorium resort of Skhidnytsia. Skhidnytsia is a spa resort, which is known by its mineral springs. The mineral waters are used to recover gastrointestinal tract and urinary system; to treat kidney and liver diseases, saline diathesis, increased and decreased acidity of the stomach and also to prevent and treat an anaemia and diabetes.

The program of Recreational Upgrade- tour includes:

  • Dynamic qigong
  • Resource meditation practices
  • Asynchronous gymnastics
  • Recreational breathing practices
  • Doctor consultation and prescription of mineral water
  • "Antistress" massage

The combination of Shabshai Upgrade Health technologies with health properties of mineral springs and fresh mountain air gives persistent health-improving-effect.

Duration: 14 days

Photo from trainings

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