Shabshai Upgrade System

Upgrade of personal efficiency quotients

July 28, 2017 – August 6, 2017 – Kyiv
November 10–19, 2017 – Kyiv
10-day intensive training
of improving the personal efficiency quotients in such spheres:
  • IQ (intelligence quotient, thinking potential)
  • EQ (emotional intelligence, stress resistance
  • VQ (vital intelligence, charisma and leadership skills)

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Upgrade-tour in the form of adventures

September 24, 2017 – October 4, 2017 — Safed, Israel
Quest “Along the Places of Power”
The quest “Along the Places of Power” offers the time journeys, where you become the active participant of the quest epoch. When you immerge in time, the secret Knowledge will be opened to you. Quest scenery are the Places of Power all over the world…
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Family Upgrade-tour

June 4-25, 2017 — Cyprus
January 15 – February 8, 2018, February 9 — 4 March – Vietnam
It is a meaningful rest for all family according to the authoring system of development and upbringing of children “Shabshai Upgrade Kids”. It is a sort of camp, where children and adults enjoy the picturesque nature and develop in an atmosphere of creativity and game…
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Recreational Upgrade-tour

May 23, 2017 — June 6, 2017 – Skhidnytsia, Ukraine.
You will have opportunity to get rid of harmful consequence of the stress, to alleviate emotional and mental tension. The tour program offers rejuvenation and health improvement, games and methods to improve cognitive flexibility and neuroplasticity.
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Innovative education of the XXI century

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Ефим Шабшай отзывы

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